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Inji's headshot.jpg
Inji El Gammal

(Actress/Executive Producer)

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Inji El Gammal grew up in Paris, France where she studied literature and philosophy. Undistracted by the shiny elements in her medium she is able to fully invest herself in any character. She graduated from the American University in Cairo with a minor in theatre. Studied Drama therapy at the New School in New York City. El Gammal credits include the stage play” Under the tree,” played and performed in the Howard theatre of the American University in Cairo . Stage play “Bismillah” performed in NYC, fresh fruit festival, for which she won best feature performance award in 2019. Credits include independent film”3 Deeds,” “His man,” “Hello aurevoir,” “Postcards of the orient,” “Abdo and Saneya.” El Gammal, along with her husband launched Timewormz a New York based Production Company. El Gammal is also a resident actor at the Simon Studio.

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