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“Abdo & Saneya” is a labor of love that has been humbly struggling towards the finish line for four

years now. Our aim from inception was to make a film that is organic, unique and from the heart.


In search of a cure for infertility, an Egyptian peasant couple immigrate to New York City without any notion of modern American life. Illiterate and non English speaking, love helps them defy impossible odds, surviving the renegade homeless world and the hell kitchens of the restaurant business.

“Abdo and Saneya” is a one of a kind multicultural silent black and white art house film. A pantomime opera, with a fully composed Middle Eastern/Western musical score, reflecting some of the brutal realities experienced by a voiceless immigrant minority that form an invisible layer of American society. It is also a visual poem on an old traditional world slowly dissolving into a technological and global one.

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