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Omar Bakry is a non traditional storyteller that is not defined by any one
culture. Born in Sweden, raised in Egypt, and now a filmmaker in New
York. This global background is always reflected in his work, bringing a
hard earned awareness of the fragility and toughness of the human
condition. Originally a painter with a B.A in Fine Arts, in 2007 he
moved to New York to study film at the New York Film Academy.


He currently attends the Roger Simon Studio as a writer/director. He has
wrote and directed many projects including festival played experiential
“Aggression” and a feature film “His Man” 2014, through his company
Timewormz. His Theater work includes "Black was the day kind were
the heartbeats" which was read at Lincoln Center 2017, "Superman and
Serena" selected for the NYC Winterfest and produced for three nights
at the Hudson Guild Theater, 2020. His play "BRB" recently won The
Urban Stages "Acronyms ten minute play competition."

A Note From the Director

Silent film, a lost art form – I have always been a great lover of silent film. I find that moving images, without sound, have a magical quality about them that enables the viewer to perceive life in a different way. I also believe that lack of reliance on words to tell a story pushes the filmmaker to become more visually creative.

Current audiences are not subjected enough to silent films and many have never had the experience altogether. I think that audiences can find great joy if exposed to it. It was my deepest wish to create a modern day story using this traditional art form in hopes of touching people in a long forgotten way.

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